Chinese House
January, 2020
This semester I got an assignment to design a house based on  a culture. Our class was divided into groups of four so we had four houses in a 2x2 grid. I started this project a little bit later than my other classmates because I just got back from a school trip to China. Because I was a bit later I got to choose my culture I wanted to design a house for and I chose the Chinese culture because I learned a lot about that culture in the prior two weeks. I was assigned a plot of land in our fictitious city and I happen to land on a spot where my “neighbour” also has the Chinese culture on their land. So we decided to work together on one large house. We had a clear and functional task division. I would be focussing mostly on the spatial design of the house and Marieke (my classmate) would mostly focus on the graphic design aspects of the project. We started out by designing a floor plan and making a moodboard about what features we wanted the exterior to have. I spent a lot of time designing in Sketchup and we translated that design into a beautiful laser cut maquette.
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