Eye of a Godess
Januari, 2021
This was a really fun assignment, this time I got the assignment to create a crossover object between motorsports and time. I don't have a lot interest in motorsport but my brother and father do. They both have a favorite car. which is the Citroen DS so I decided to design a clock based on this iconic car.
The Citroen DS the car is from the 50’s and has a very timeless design and is still to this day relevant. DS stands for déesse which translates from French to goddess. Although the shape of the bodywork of the DS is iconic I found it more interesting to use the shape of the headlights as a start of the design. Because the headlights swivel around in the design of the DS it really serves as the eyes of the car and that is why I called my clock “Oeil de la Déesse” Which translates to ‘Eye of a Godess”.I used prominent features that make the DS the DS into my design so it would be unmistakable which car the design is based on. 
Next to being an awsome clock it needed something different. I added a volume knob which was based on the brake of the DS. So I turned this awesome clock design in a multifunctional clock and speaker. The speaker is controlled with only the volume knob I used a second-hand ENEBY speaker by IKEA. So you can connect a Bluetooth device to it and the indicator light shows if you are connected or not. 
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